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I joined this community quite some time ago, and have yet to indulge my drama.

I have plenty of it.

I think I may hate men in general, and my "boyfriend" specifically. Then again, sharing your "boyfriend" with his ex-girlfriend can do that. I suppose it's only fair, I'm his ex-girlfriend too...but I came first, damnit, and I had his goddamn child.

All my relationships seem to turn out like this though.

If they don't completely fuck it up, I will do something like run off and sleep with someone else to end things.

I can't really decide whether it's because I get bored with everything going right, or if it's just pre-emptive defensiveness. (I'm good at that.)

I seem only to like the boys that don't like me. I enjoy the angst, I think, more than actual relationships....relationships are complicated. Angst is simple. And familiar. are stupid.

I was feeling entirely suicidal and doing nothing but watching cartoons with my daughter all day...then I chopped off all my hair in a moment of high drama....

The boy in question adores my hair. I thought I'd piss him off as much as he's pissed me off. Then, of course, I felt immediately terrified that he'll no longer find me attractive.

This morning, I woke up and decided I didn't really give a shit what he thinks.

I have sexy hair now. I will go pick up some other poor male to adore, ego-stroke, love, and ultimately destroy.

I shall go now...I possess the ability to laugh at myself, and I feel the need to do so rising up.

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Hey. Found this community 'cause of the similar interest in "throwing fits." This place is simply excellent. Not a lot of people, but they all seem [thus far] quite interesting; I'd like to know them better.

To your "I may hate men in general..." comment, I have to agree. They all seem to be after one thing, you know? Maybe it's just my own experiences. It just sorta seems like... nothing matters, really. Not enough.

Anyhow, I clicked your journal-link thing, and you do indeed have a very beautiful daughter. Congrats.